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You are cordially invited to thank God with us at Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development. Come one,come all.

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Another Farm Managers/Owners Training on Integrated Agriculture will kick-off from16th-22nd October, 2016. Don't let this opportunity to become a suc...  Read More »

Our Project at a Glance

 Our project at the centre consists of three major sectors and three minor sectors, all coming together to and driven by one central spirituality. This is shown in the diagram below. The major sectors are represented by the green circles, the minor sectors are represented by the orange circles while the central focus is the blue circle. 

The three main sectors in our synergy include:

  1. Agro/Crop Production and Processing - Cassava, maize, Yam, Soya-Beans, Sweet Potatoes, Pineapples, Pawpaw, Rice and Plantain
  2. Animal Husbandry - Cow, Pig, Rabbits, Turkey and Poultry
  3. Aqua Culture - Cat-fish and Tilapia
The three minor sectors include:
  1. Bee-Keeping for Honey production
  2. Biogas technology to achieve total recycling of wastes into wealth
  3. Our Ecology system that aims to promote a holistic and sustainable way of life
To complete the vision is a centre for spiritual renewal - Thomistic spirituality.

The Seven (7) sectors in our synergy provides a holistic and sustainable way of life.

In our system, nothing is wasted as every waste will be converted into wealth. Our Bio-Gas technology will provide renewable energy.

This integrated system has tremendous socio-economic, ecological and religious advantages. Food processing and Animal Feed production from our products will complete the cycle of training.

The emphasis is on human values that would bring about change in the way and manner people think and organize their activities so as to be focused and goal oriented.

We provide short and long-term in-service training for farmers associations and rural communities and assist them establish a viable small-scale enterprises through a revolving credit system.

At the successful completion of our programme, each student is given a PROJECT FIELD, and a micro-credit fund, and guided to achieve success. At the end of the season, the student is financially assisted to  achieve a moderate take-off base.

We also support students on Industrial Training, and National Youths Service Corps (NYSC).



...promoting the culture of self-reliance
predicated on economically viable organic and ecological farm management


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